Swiss Arms Universal Adapt-X Holster (Black)


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A Swiss Arms Universal Adapt-X Holster for a wide variety of Airsoft Pistols, which offers a trigger guard lock as well as friction retention to keep your pride and joy safely seated where it should.

Swiss Arms Universal Adapt-X Holster: Designed To Fit Many Pistols

This holster from Swiss Arms is designed to fit as many pistols as humanly possible, and can accommodate most sidearms big or small. The holster has various adjustment points for retention, and with the help of the instructions can be set to safely grab onto the trigger guard of your pistol for safe keeping. The holster is worn over the belt as per a paddle holster, but can be adapted to mount on a Nuprol Molle Adapter. The box comes with a set of picture based instructions to help guide you through the process of setting this holster up to accept your pistol.

Specifications Of The Swiss Arms Universal Adapt-X Holster

  • Fits Most Pistols
  • Easy Setup & Use
  • Trigger Guard Lock
  • Friction Retention
  • Can Be Mounted to MOLLE
  • Adjustable Angle

Swiss Arms Universal Adapt-X Holster: More About Airsoft Gear

These products will let you complete your overall airsoft arsenal and also makes you look like a total badass in the process. Whether you go IAPs, simulate a historic battle, join a military operation or play pretend your favorite video game. This is your chance to look like a real-time hero or the ultimate bad guy. Also from a tactical point of view, efficient Airsoft Gear is very important. It protects you against BBs and harsh weather conditions.

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Swiss Arms Universal Adapt-X Holster: Special Instructions For The Molle Adapter

To adjust the angle of the holster use the supplied allen key to loosen the bolt holding the holster to the back paddle. Once in the desired position re-tighten the bolt.

This holster accessory is built to allow you to draw and holster your Airsoft Gun as fast as possible, and as such is a perfect holster for practical pistol / race pistol target shooting.

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