GFC GFGWD Classic Sniper Rifle Replica


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GFC GFGWD Classic Sniper Rifle Replica

The GFC GFGWD Classic is a spring action Russian sniper rifle replica made by the GFC Guns company. This Airsoft Sniper is made of metal and high quality wood-like plastic material which visually replicates the classic version of the Russian technical thought.

GFC GFGWD Classic Sniper Rifle: Baka Cheek-pad

The replica’s body and the barrel assembly and the iron aiming sights are made of metal, while the stock and the front grip are made of plastic. The stock is equipped with a cheek-pad, the so-called “baka” which facilitates placing an accurate shot and it increases the comfort of use.

The construction is perfectly fitted and noticeably more stable than other models of this rifle that are available on the market. The plastic made elements are equipped with a rough texture thanks to which they hold the hand perfectly allowing for a secure grip even despite high humidity or dirt on their surface. It is also worth noticing the realistic make of the adjustable front iron aiming sight and the easy access to the stock mounting screw.

The replica is equipped with a side mount, the so-called “swallow-tail”, allowing to attach an Airsoft Optic, for example, the dedicated PSO-1 or POSP type scopes.

Specifications Of The GFC GFGWD Classic Sniper Rifle

  • Brand: GFC
  • Fps of 480
  • Single Shot Fire Mode
  • Magazine Capacity of 32
  • Made Out Of Metal & Plastic
  • Spring Mechanism
  • Length: 1210 mm
  • Weight: 2840 g

GFC GFGWD Classic Sniper Rifle: High Quality

The high quality of make and part finish does not only concern the outer elements – also the inner mechanism is made with high precision which results in the high operating culture of the replica.

The GFGWD replica is definitely the best proposition that the GFC Guns series can offer a beginning sniper. The combination of high class materials with the precision of make and the replica’s ergonomics and the accessible price makes it sure that it will suit the taste of every sniper rifle fan.

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