G&G AEG Rifle BAMF Team


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G&G AEG Rifle BAMF Team Airsoft AEG Gun

This Airsoft AEG Gun is a fully licensed replica of the Cobalt Kinetics BAMF Team AR platform rifle. The G&G AEG Rifle BAMF Team was made as a competition gun to massively improve timings by shortening operation of the rifle with an automatic magazine ejection system called CARS. This system has proved itself with 21 podium finishes and two world titles in the competitive shooting scene.

G&G AEG Rifle BAMF Team: Built Unlike Any Other

The BAMF Rifle is built unlike any other Airsoft Gun you have seen, using CNC machined aluminium to the majority of the externals, with One-Piece designs being used where possible such as the lower receiver and stock. This great lump of aluminium comes in at over 3.6KG which makes it feel like the real weapon in the hands, and reassures you of the quality that awaits inside. The externals feature a unique muzzle brake which can be found on the real thing, finished in the tasteful cobalt blue trim that can also be found on the buffer tube. The rifle has aggressive styling up and down, and is not only eye-catching but a pleasure to hold as well. 

The M-LOK railed handguard provides a stable platform to brace the rifle, and can accept any M-LOK compatible Airsoft Accessories, or the short 20mm rail pieces can be put to use for 20mm RIS accessories. A 20mm railed receiver ensures you can mount any compatible sights and scopes you may have. The receiver features a flared magazine well to aid placement, as well as fully ambidextrous controls to make this platform very friendly for left handed players.

Features Of The G&G AEG Rifle BAMF Team

  • Auto Ejecting Magazine
  • Ejects When Empty
  • Auto-Eject Can Be Disabled
  • Cobalt Kinetics Licensed
  • Low Voltage Cutoff
  • Quick Change Spring
  • 45 Degree Fire Selector
  • MOSFET Inside
  • Functional Mock Bolt Release
  • Air Seal Improvements

G&G AEG Rifle BAMF Team: Easy Instructions

The HOP is a rotary adjustment type and can be used to apply backspin to your BBs as they leave the barrel, theoretically improving range and consistency when coupled with the correct settings and BB weight. To access the HOP, simply pull back on the charging handle to lock open the mock bolt, and press the bolt release to close the mock bolt again. The microswitch trigger can be easily reprogrammed on the move to different fire modes such as 3 round or 5 round burst. To activate 3 round bursts instead of full auto, hold the trigger down in semi for 10 seconds until you hear an alarm. To activate 5 round burst instead of full auto, move the fire selector from semi to auto and back again five times until you hear an audible alarm. 

To have this many features from any Airsoft Gun out of the box was previously unheard of, but G&G have succeeded in pushing the expectations of an out of the box Airsoft Electric Gun.

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Mount type


Blue, Grey

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Tamiya mini

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Skirmish Ready



14mm ccw

Electric blowback