G&G AEG Rifle CMF-16K


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As this AEG is aimed at indoors players, it is mostly constructed from an incredibly tough and light Polymer, with Alloy strengthening in important places like the Outer Barrel and Buffer Tube. The lightweight nature of the Rifle and high Rate of Fire will make it a welcome choice for those playing outdoors too. Despite being mostly Polymer, the Gun still clocks in at 2.53kg, so it definitely feels like a quality bit of kit in the hands.

The CMF Series have a typical AR layout, with a 14mm CCW Thread hiding underneath the Flash Hider, which can be used to installed Suppressors and Tracer Units once the Flash Hider has been unscrewed. The main point of interest is the M-LOK Railed Handguard which reduces weight by having less unnecessary material. You can either attach M-LOK accessories directly to the rail, or install 20mm Rail Adapters so that you only have Rail where it is needed. There is even a set of QD Sling Sockets on the Handguard, allowing you to install Quick Release Loops for easy Sling Installation/Removal. The top of the Handguard has a 20mm Rail that runs all the way back to the rear of the Receiver, allowing you to easily install Sights and Scopes. This Rail comes with a set of Flip Up Ironsights installed out of the box, which can be left in place to use as a backup, or removed completely. The Ironsights are easily adjustable by hand, so that you will be able to align them with your BB impacts.

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