G&G PCC-45
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G&G PCC-45

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G&G PCC-45 Airsoft AEG Gun

When it comes to CQB (close-quarters battle) conditions, low weight, compactness, and maneuverability are absolute essentials. The G&G PCC 45 AEG Airsoft Gun brings all these features together in a single rifle. What’s more, it also fares well when used on longer distances.

G&G PCC-45: Completely Different Role

From a distance, the G&G PCC 45 looks like your standard M4 rifle. Upon close inspection, every airsoft enthusiast will quickly realize that this is a rifle with a completely different role in the field. You won’t find many airsoft rifles that perform this well in CQB environments.

We’re talking about a rifle with safety, semi-auto, and full-auto options here, along with a 300-round magazine capacity. The integrated MOSFET system not only protects the wiring of the weapon, but also adds a three-burst option in between semi-auto and full-auto modes. This is what makes it so great for CQB. Thanks to the renowned G&G gearbox, the PCC 45 actually brings the same performance as the CM16 M4, but does so in close quarters, making it superior to the majority of its peers.

Although it doesn’t boast the same precision as the CM16 M4, it fares well in medium-distance conditions, especially if upgraded with Airsoft Optics.

Features Of The G&G PCC-45

  • Ergonomic grip with trigger guard
  • MOSFET wiring protection programmable system
  • ETU (Enhanced Trigger Unit) for improved cyclic rate and trigger response
  • 330-350 FPS
  • Compact, lightweight, perfect for CQB
  • Adjustable hop-up

More Information About The G&G PCC-45

The PCC 45 AEG utilizes a 7.4V small stick battery. The  package doesn’t include the battery or the charger, so plan on buying it separately. The charger used here is a typical one for the battery type, so an airsoft enthusiast is likely to have one lying around somewhere. If not, you could always buy an Airsoft Battery here at Bunker 501!

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