Golden Eagle 3201-S Sniper Rifle

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3201-S Sniper Rifle Replica

This sniper rifle replica was made mainly of high-quality metal and durable polymer by Golden Eagle. 

This is a bolt-action replica, which means that it needs to be reloaded every time prior to firing. Metal parts include the massive external barrel, top RIS rail base, RIS mounting rails, bipod, magazine and of course the internal mechanism with the trigger box and charging handle. Polymer parts include: the pistol grip and the stock.

Hop-Up chamber adjustment is done via tightening and loosening a screw located between the barrel trunnion and the RIS rail. The replica has a 5-position stock.

Various scopes and red dot sights may be attached to the top RIS rail. A metal bipod included in the set can be completely detached from the replica. 

The construction consists of 2 main elements: the forend with the stock and the trigger box with the barrel. The assembly of these elements into one lasts minutes and requires the use of several hex screws. Such a solution significantly simplifies the transport of the replica.

The set includes:

– replica
– a magazine
– bipod