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Airsoft starts with bunker 501


The HFC M11 is one impressive GBB SMG. Starting with the 99% full metal body, this Airsoft Rifle is your 1:1 replica with its real steel counterpart. The only external piece that is made of plastic is the back strap located on the grip. The Airsoft gun also comes with a mock plastic suppressor to fulfill the authentic look.

HFC M11 SMG GBB: Will Not Drag You Down

The weight makes the SMG feel sturdy, but will not drag you down during games. The SMG works great as a CQB primary, or as a secondary in your arsenal. One of the most impressive features of this Airsoft Gun is its rate of fire. A full mag of 44 BBs can be emptied within 3 seconds of continuous fire. Perfect for those situations where you can rely on the spray and pray method.

If going through multiple Airsoft Magazines like a madman is not your style, the gun also has a semi firing mode. This gas blowback gun does provide a nice kick after every round fired. The blow back action will let you know that it is there, but will not be too overwhelming. The SMG is equipped with a top folding wire rear stock that is easily modulated. A standard mounting point is located at the front of this gun. The sling mount swivels a complete 360 degrees without any snags. 

This gun would be recommended for intermediate to advanced players. HFC has really stepped up its game in creating this amazing Submachine Gun.

Specifications Of The HFC M11 SMG GBB

  • Brand: HFC
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Semi And Full Auto Fire Mode
  • Magazine Capacity Of 43 Rounds
  • Length: 450 mm (250 mm Folded)
  • 16 mm CW Thread
  • Color: Black

HFC M11 SMG GBB: More About HFC

HFC is an instantly recognisable name in the world of airsoft. When most players think of airsoft guns, they think of HFC Airsoft. Designing and manufacturing BB guns that are cheap enough for the beginner and casual player but with the build quality of a BB gun twice the price, they have proven repeatedly why they are one of the standard choices when it comes to choosing an airsoft gun.

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16mm CW