Airsoft Surgeon Extreme 6.02 Tight Bore Inner Barrel Non Hop-Up For Hi-Capa (160mm)



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Airsoft starts with bunker 501

It’s very difficult to get the specifications right when it comes to the combination of power and accuracy, especially with inner barrel. Years of trying to perfect it, but never have, until now.

Airsoft Surgeon has really done it again. He has some how managed to design and inner barrel with a hop up rubber at the end that can’t be changed. Can’t be changed? Sounds a little strange, right? But he insists that if there is no hop, then there wont be any back spin affecting its trajectory, therefore making sure it goes in a straight line. Combining this with a 6.02 inner barrel for power is the making is power and accurate pistol.

Taking into account that Airsoft Surgeon has prioritized his methods around IPSC so expect this to be suited for competition rather than superbly long range shots in a skirmish.

Remove the old barrel with the hop and insert this and you’ll add 80 fps more to the power you originally had. Standard TM Hi Capas shoot at around 330 with green gas, tops. With this in, expect to be shooting as high as 410! It’s dead accurate shooting targets from 10 meters away which is perfect for competition shooting because you work on accuracy. Power? Not so much but it’s great to have it there for indoor CQB games to make sure the opposition really call their hits.

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