Perun Airsoft MOSFET V2 Hybrid – Back wired


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V2 Hybrid is a state-of-the-art MOSFET from Perun Airsoft that fits without any modification into most Tokyo Marui standard V2 gerbox replicas. Mounting the system with optical and magnetic sensors increases the reliability of the replica and protects it from a possible serious failure. V2 Hybrid is especially recommended for users who appreciate the high culture of replica operation and want to make individual settings.

The Perun V2 Hybrid is available in two versions with cables for the front or rear and is ready to be installed in Airsoft replica. All setting changes are made using easy sequences programmed with the movement of the fire selector and trigger. The MOSFET chip communicates with the user using beeps and a multi-coloured LED.

Functions of the device:

Adjustable trigger sensitivity allows you to choose from 1 of 5 levels of sensitivity, and you can even change the setting during gameplay.

Independently programmed firing modes allows the fire selector to be set to any position except “protected”. The user can set fire modes: single, burst or auto.

Active brake prevents mainspring compression and the double shot (overspin) phenomenon.

Precocking or stopping the piston in the rear position after each shot, which allows you to fire the next shot immediately after squeezing the trigger and thus reduce the reaction time, which is particularly important in CQB games.

Two-stage trigger is a setting that causes a slight pull of the trigger a single shot or a burst, while when the trigger is pulled all the way down the replica fires a burst or auto. The following configurations are available: single – burst, single – auto, burst – auto.

Binary trigger allows double firing. The first shot is fired when the trigger is pulled, the second shot is fired when the trigger is released.
Rate of fire reduction this feature lowers the replica’s rate of fire in either batch or continuous fire mode, thus increasing realism and resulting in less ammunition consumption.

DMR mode a mode that causes the minimum intervals between shots that are required for DMR replicas in selected game modes.

Low battery voltage alarm activates when the Li-Po or Li-Ion battery voltage drops to dangerously low levels. The MOSFET chip, with short beeps every minute, informs you of the situation.

DSG mode used for DSG type gears, this mode allows the MOSFET chip to detect the piston gear.

Diagnostic system constantly monitors the electronics and replica, and facilitates diagnosis in the event of a fault.

Electronic fuse that activates automatically when a short circuit or bloked motor is detected.

The manufacturer gives no restrictions on the configuration in which the circuit is to be used, either in terms of firing rate or power. The voltage range should be within 7 V to 17 V. Along with the V2 Hybrid, the user receives an abridged programming manual in the form of a laminated card and a set of stickers.

MOSFET circuit increases reliability of the replica
Easy programming of the device
Possibility of individual settings
Compatible with most Tokyo Marui standard V2 type gerboxes.