Point Grease Set


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Airsoft starts with bunker 501

This grease set is specially developed for airsoft devices.

Containing oil for airs seals, this can be used to lubricate all rubber elements. It can be used for o-rings, cylinder heads and nozzle seals. It can be used to revive and extend the live of rubber elements and is recommended for the lubrication of nozzles and valves in gas replica’s.

The gear grease, is as it says, for greasing gears. A thin layer on the gears is enough to silence the gearbox and reduce vibrations. This special formulated grease has a high recistance to shear and pressure forces. making it perfect for lubricating gears.

The bearing grease is a bit thick, giving a solid lubricating layer for the gears. Friction is reduced and excessive wear is being prevented.

The motor grease is heat resistant and has graphite added to it. The heat resistance makes sure the grease does not run out and the added graphite ensures lubrication even after wiping exces grease.