JG Works AEG Rifle JG1601MG Carbine (M16A1)


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JG Works AEG Rifle JG1601MG Carbine (M16A1)

This JG1601MG Carbine is a replica of the M16A1, introduced in the Vietnam War, which replaced the M14 in 1964 and had a long proven record. This Airsoft AEG Gun is very sturdy with many metal components and a polymer receiver to keep the weight down, making it ideal for long skirmish days.

JG Works AEG Rifle JG1601MG Carbine (M16A1): 3 Prong Flash Hider

The replica has an alloy outer barrel, with a 14mm CCW thread for fitting the 3 prong flash hider. Mounted on the barrel is the front A-post sight. It is an elevation adjustable unit and includes a bayonet mount and metal sling loop on the bottom.

The gun has the A1 type furniture including the very comfortable, removable, triangular handguard with heat dispersion holes and a mock gas tube visible inside. As part of the furniture set the Pistol Grip is the textured M16A1 type without the finger bump that is never in a comfortable position for most people.

The receiver is a high quality polymer with no flex or wobble. It has an integrated carry handle with adjustable rear sight. The Metal charging handle, when pulled, flips down the dust cover and pulls the mock bolt back. There is a bolt catch to hold the mock bolt to the rear when adjusting the Hop Up unit for range and accuracy. This makes setting the rifle up an absolute doddle.

Features Of The JG Works AEG Rifle JG1601MG Carbine (M16A1)

  • 3 Prong Flash Hider
  • 14mm CCW thread
  • Metal Outer Barrel
  • Front Adjustable A-Post Sight
  • Metal Sling Mount
  • A1 Triangular Handguard
  • Mock Gas Tube
  • Textured A1 Style Pistol Grip
  • A2 Type Stock

More About The JG Works AEG Rifle JG1601MG Carbine (M16A1)

The gearbox is a metal version 2 unit, giving the greatest availability of spares and upgrades around. It has selectable semi-automatic or fully automatic fire modes by the well placed fire selector lever. This gives the shooter a great choice between well aimed single shots or huge volumes of suppressing fire, catered for by the standard AR-type Airsoft Magazine well taking a plethora of different M4 or M16 magazines.

This Airsoft Gun is great for Vietnam enthusiasts and beginner airsofters because of its excellent value and sturdy construction, whilst keeping true to the original M16A1 appearance.

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