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Airsoft starts with bunker 501

The brand-new ASG MP9 is a terrifying CQB SMG Airsoft Gun! Providing an effective, insanely fast rate of fire, and face filling gas blowback experience! KWA made MP9A3 include one full metal 48 round magazine. The SMG is a weighty weapon however still comfortable and satisfying to skirmish with. If you are running around inside your local CQB site with this Airsoft gun you’re going to be feared, you will be heard from a mile away, and everyone will know all hell is breaking loose around the corner!

KWA B&T MP9 A3 GBB: Flat Anti-Skid Surface Area

The MP9 reproduction is made on the license of B&T and is a faithful copy of the original B&T MP9. Like in the real firearm the reproduction’s body is made from polymer and thanks to its flat anti-skid surface area the gun lies well in the hand even if it is damp or muddy. The external barrel, the stock, the magazine and the bolt carrier were made of metal.

The gun is equipped with two RIS rails and an incorporated profiled front grip. The longer RIS rail is 160mm long while the shorter is 70mm long. They are ideal for the mount of additional devices such as laser target markers or tactical illuminators. The SMG is fed by a magazine holding 48 BB pellets and which also holds the green-gas tank.

Specifications Of The KWA B&T MP9 A3 GBB

  • Made Out Of Metal And Plastic
  • Powered By Green Gas
  • Single and Auto Fire mode
  • Low Cap Magazine
  • Magazine Capacity of 48 Rounds
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Includes Blowback
  • Length: 305-527 mm
  • Weight: 1750g
  • Color: Black

KWA B&T MP9 A3 GBB: The Ultimate CQB Weapon 

The stock of the gun folds allowing you to turn the weapon from a compact submachine gun to the size of a large pistol, making it great for CQB environments where maneuverability is of the utmost importance. This weapon is perfect for those who want the ultimate CQB weapon; it is loud, powerful and compact.

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