Lancer Tactical LT-15 Proline G2 Metal M4 SD 9 Mosfet ETU



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Recommended combination

Full metal, mosfet, ETU, aluminum body, handguard and silencer

The most important evolution of the new generation 2 Proline is undoubtedly the original addition of an ETU electronic trigger and a protection mosfet. This trigger allows increased responsiveness, finer trigger travel sensitivity, battery voltage protection, collet gearbox cycles, spring pre-compression for a much faster start of fire, etc… small revolution, always at an affordable price.


  • Lancer Tactcial Engraved Metal Gearbox Shells
  • Steel gears
  • delay
  • 8mm steel bearings
  • 14 tooth steel piston
  • Red anodized cylinder for improved surface finish
  • Hi-torque motor
  • QD spring guide with steel base
  • Spring M90
  • Quick spring change (QD) on bearings
  • Shielded low resistance wiring
  • Hi-speed type metal trigger
  • “Fast trigger V2” electronic trigger block with increased responsiveness and higher rate of fire
  • 16AWG shielded wiring (rear)

Internal parts:

  • 343×6.03mm precision barrel in polished brass
  • Center wheel hop-up block (Gen 2)
  • 50° hop-up joint

External parts:

  • Metal body
  • One-piece 10.5″ metal outer barrel
  • Polymer handlebar and rise
  • Folding Nylon fiber sight
  • Ergonomic metal saddle
  • CNC Aluminum Quad Picatinny Rail Handguard
  • Single-point steel strap attachment
  • Crane V2 stock in nylon fiber which optimizes the insertion of the battery
  • CNC aluminum stock tube
  • Nylon fiber motor handle (4 retaining screws)
  • Steel dummy cylinder head
  • Steel cocking lever with hi-speed handle
  • Steel magazine catch
  • Bolt catch (fictional) in metal
  • 120-round metal mid-cap magazine
  • Semi and full auto
  • Flash hider with 14mm CCW thread (anti-clockwise)
  • Aluminum US Scoop type silencer included

Battery and battery charger not included.