LCT Magazine Electric Winding Drum LCK-16 2000rnds

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This Drum Magazine is manufactured by LCT, for their range of AK Platform Airsoft Replicas. It holds a total of 2000 BBs, and is filled either from the top Fill Window like any High Cap Magazine, or can be filled be opening the back of the Magazine for easier access. To do this, just unscrew the metal nut on the back of the Magazine and remove the entire rear plate. The Electric Winding is powered by 3 x AA Batteries, which are to be installed in the cradle inside the Magazine, and the switch set to ‘On’. The internal components of the Magazine are neatly laid out and well protected inside appropriate casing. This is really nice to see, considering most Drum Magazine just have the internals rattling around loose in the bottom of the case. The Electric Winding is operated by holding down the spring-loaded lever at the front of the Magazine, allowing you to wind on the move, whilst shooting. The Spring Lever actuates a Microswitch inside the Magazine, which should go a long way to ensuring a long lifespan from this unit. If you own an LCT branded AK and want to start keeping heads down on the field, then convert your AK to an LMG/Support Gun with the addition of a single magazine.

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