LCT ZDTK-4T Silender With Tracer Unit (14 X 1.0 L)


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Airsoft starts with bunker 501

This Airsoft Suppressor / Silencer is constructed to a very high standard from Aluminium 6061 and Steel, making it both very tough and pleasant to the touch, with a slightly textured matte black finish. This is exactly the same design as the LCT Silencer (24mm CW), however this version has a standard 14mm CCW Thread, should you like the look of the Suppressor but want to be able to connect it to a wider variety of Airsoft replicas. The Suppressor features an Inner Barrel Extension which is spring loaded, meaning that it creates the best seal possible against your existing Inner Barrel. The end caps can also be removed for easy access / maintenance / repairs / inspection.

The Tracer Unit operates by detecting a BB passing through, and illuminating an array of LEDs. These lights will ‘charge’ the luminescent material in the Tracer BBs which makes them glow on their way to their target, turning your Airsoft Gun into what looks like a laser gun. For the avoidance of doubt, Tracer specific BBs must be used for the unit to illuminate your BBs.

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