Modify J-Mag (JET Magazine) 300-Round AEG Tracer Magazine for M16/M4 series (for quick loading) (Black/1pcs)

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he Airsoft M16/M4 Tracer Magazine| J-Mag(JET Magazine) Rapid-load LED Magazine when used with tracer BBs adds to the thrill of nighttime combat, to also show the trajectory of BBs in dark settings to enable players to adjust shooting as necessary. The LED light is removable when not in use.

The main feature of Airsoft M16/M4 Tracer Magazine(300 rounds High-Cap) is the rapid-load that can fully load 300 BBs by easily winding the arm 4 times. Modify has also strengthened the magazine base with an added ergonomic design. Players can quickly, easily load and fire without worrying about running out of ammo with this high-capacity magazine.