PARD Digital Camera NV007S 940Nm 16mm + Adapter 45mm


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PARD Digital Camera NV007S 940Nm 16mm + Adapter 45mm 518.99

Airsoft starts with bunker 501

The Pard NV007S is the successor of the Pard NV007A. This new model has an improved display (full HD sensor with OLED 1024×768 display), so that you can appeal to the wild even better. In addition, the IR radiator is available in 2 different wavelengths, namely 850nm and 940nm. When you choose the 940nm, the red laser beam is practically invisible. When you hunt for red deer, this is an absolute must.

With the Pard NV007S you can view both color and black and white image. You can easily switch between these 2 options. The Pard NV007 can be used for observation but also for shooting. This PARD NV007S is shock resistant up to caliber .308.

Mounting on your rifle/air rifle
The Pard NV007S can be mounted on the back of your own rifle scope. You do this by means of the supplied adapter. If this does not fit, there are other adapters available with other diameters. Often people also use some tape on their own rifle scope, so that the adapter of the Pard is even tighter. Please note: if you mount this Pard NV007S on the back of your rifle scope, in some cases you will need to add an extension to your stock.

Recording function Pard NV007S
In the Pard you can place a micro SD card which stores your captured images. It is best to use a 128GB memory card for this, because memory cards with a larger memory can lead to problems. This Pard has a photo and video function. The captured photos have a resolution of 2595×1944 and the videos have a resolution of 1920×1080. In addition, the Pard NV007S has the function “Recoil Activated Video” so that you do not have to miss a single moment during the shot.

Wifi Pard NV007S
The Pard NV007S is equipped with a built-in WiFi function. This allows you to link your Pard NV007S to your own phone or tablet. When the Pard NV007S is connected to your device, you can view the images remotely, quickly and easily.

The Pard has been tested on many different rifles and calibers. You can use this Pard digital night vision scope on a rifle with up to 5000 joules.

Built-in infrared laser
The Pard has a built-in laser, also called IR radiator. With this 5 watt laser lamp you can add extra light to your target if necessary. You can use it up to a distance of +/- 200 meters. This built-in IR radiator is adjustable, which means that you can bundle the beam or make it wider. This can be adjusted in 3 different positions.

IP 67 (waterproof)
The Pard is waterproof thanks to the IP67 standard. So you can also use this digital night vision scope in rainy weather. Please note: in rainy weather and fog you will have a less sharp image, especially if you switch on the infrared radiator.

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