Rossi AP 1911 RedWings Grey Pistol


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Rossi AP 1911 RedWings Grey Pistol 119.99

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The 1911 is arguably the most popular semi-automatic pistol in the world, known for its reliability, ease of operation, design and maintenance. Created in 1911 after extensive testing, the new pistol and cartridge, designed by Browning and manufactured by Colt, were adopted for US military service under the name M1911. It is powered by a single stack charger (single column). Today, the 1911 base is widely available in various customs, but remains an emblem of the USA. It was officially replaced in service by the M92FS.

This version of 1911 RedWings Gas licensed from the Italian gunsmith ROSSI.

This model is particularly distinguished by the presence of the following elements:

14mm thread
Unique serial number
34 cps long charger
Barrel 6.03mm
Openwork body
KJW / Army / WE compatibility

Additional information

Magazine capacity




Length (mm)


14mm ccw

Maintenance level