SMITH & WESSON (Umarex) Airsoft CO2 M29 8 3/8″ Revolver
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SMITH & WESSON (Umarex) Airsoft CO2 M29 8 3/8″ Revolver

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A piece of history, the forefather of all Magnum revolvers, a legendary classic – the Smith & Wesson M29 models have many names.

They all describe revolvers that, due to their design and quality, have made it onto the big big screen in addition to their normal area of ​​use.
The high-gloss burnished icon of the 1960s is available as a full metal construction in 6 mm caliber with CO2 drive and three barrel lengths.
In proper style, the six BBs are loaded into brass-colored metal charging sleeves before they are driven through the barrel with a single / double action with a maximum of two joules.
With the 8 3/8 “version, the shooter benefits not only from the long barrel but also from the long line of sight for maximum precision. The sight itself can also be adjusted vertically and laterally for the other barrel lengths.
The shoot-up can also be set.
The piercing tool for the 12 g CO2 capsule is practically housed in the handle.

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