Strataim Echo Incl 25 Blast Caps Red



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Airsoft starts with bunker 501

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Our newest training grenade in the family. The Hybrid Sound Grenade called ECHO.

The measured decibel output is 79dB with our BlastCaps and therefore allowed in all EU countries. For The Netherlands it is also allowed and the ECHO do not apply to the weapon or pyrotechnic law.

  • Based on the very popular StratAim Epsilon
  • Instead of shooting BB’s the Echo works with a Bio Blastcap creating a loud bang
  • Bangs are created up to 79 Decibel
  • Helps the enemy to leave the room or become distracted
  • The created bang will but not cause any hearing damage
  • Only very high quality materials like 7075 Aluminium and Stainless Seel 304 are used
  • Viton Rubber Parts
  • High quality materials for maximum durability
  • Includes a lifetime waranty from StratAim
  • Netto weight of 220 gram
  • Comes with +/- 25 BlastCaps


Technical specs:
Sound output: 79dB
Weight: 244g
BlastCaps: 100% biodegradable carton.