Bioval 0.20 Gram Bio Bb’S 5000 Rnds Bag


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Bioval 0.20 Gram Bio BB’S 5000 Rnds Bag

Bioval’s patented ingredients mixed with their strict quality control makes them the producers  of the worlds most accurate Biodegradable Non-Marking Training Ammo. The Bioval Bio BB’s Non-Marking Ammo is specifically designed for use by Military & Law Enforcement personnel during Force on Force training.

Bioval 0.20 Gram Bio BB’S 5000 Rnds Bag: Best Choice

The 0.20g BB’s are an all around good choice for the majority of airsoft guns that shoot in the 250-370 FPS range. They are also the most economical choice.
Airsoft AEG Guns that have metal gearboxes should use at least 0.20g BB’s for increase range and accuracy with less risk of BB’s breaking apart within the AEG.

The Bioval BB’s are tested very well and have passed an intense quality control system. They comply with the EU EN13432 standard of degradability and the ISO standard 3290-2001 G3 which is the highest industry standard for precision rolling bearings.

Bioval 0.20 Gram Bio BB’S 50000 Rnds Bag Specifications

  • Brand: Bioval
  • BB Type: Bio
  • BB Weight: 0.20
  • Bag Size: 5000 Rounds

Bioval 0.20 Gram Bio BB’S 5000 Rnds Bag

Biodegradable BB’s are made from a special blend of materials that are designed to break down over time when exposed to the environment. Some fields require the use of biodegradable BB’s at their games or events to avoid long-term environmental damage due to the difficulty of cleaning up the BB’s after a battle. Biodegradable BB’s are best stored sealed in a cool, dry place. With proper taking care of these BB’s can last for a very long time!

Airsoft BB’s that come in a resealable bottle are perfect for quickly loading speed loaders and magazines, while a bag may prove easier to store. Being caught out on the battlefield without ammo can only result in a quick elimination, so stock up on everything you need for those extended skirmishes here at Bunker 501!

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