Bioval 0.25 Gram Bio Bb’S 4000 Rnds Bag


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Bioval 0.25 Gram Bio BB’S 4000 Rnds Bag

The Bioval Bio BB’s Non-Marking Ammo is specifically designed for use by Military & Law Enforcement personnel during (FOF) Training. Bioval’s proprietary ingredients combined with their strict quality control enable the production of the worlds most accurate Biodegradable Non-Marking Training Ammo.

Bioval 0.25 Gram Bio BB’S 4000 Rnds Bag: Best Quality

The Bioval BB’s are very well tested and have passed an intense quality control system. They are conform the EU EN13432 standard of degradability and the ISO standard 3290-2001 G3 which is the highest industry standard for precision rolling bearings.

These Airsoft BB’s are also perfect for extended Airsoft skirmishes. A bag of 4,000 rds ensures you won’t run out of ammo at the wrong time!

Bioval 0.25 Gram Bio BB’S 4000 Rnds Bag Specifications:

  • Brand: Bioval
  • BB Type: Bio
  • BB Weight: 0.25
  • Bag Size: 4000 Rounds

Airsoft BB Size and Manufacturing

All standard airsoft BB’s are 6mm in size. However, some airsoft BB’s also come in an 8mm size. The BB millimeter size is the approximate measurement of the diameter of the airsoft BB pellet. These sizes allow them to be shot out of most spring airsoft guns, Airsoft AEG guns, or gas powered airsoft guns.

Airsoft BBs are made using a plastic molding process. The airsoft BB manufacturing process is made up of material selection, sorting, melting, material injection, polishing,  and packaging.
Biodegradable airsoft BBs or “bios” are usually made from a plastic called polylactic acid or polylactide (PLA). PLA plastic is constructed from natural resources and renewable materials including corn products.

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