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Bolle Safety – UNIVIS 10 Safety Glasses – Transparent

The glasses have a very high value of the lens hardness factor – F for airsoft conditions. It expresses the mechanical resistance of the material. In this case, we are dealing with resistance to the so-called. low-energy strikes. The lenses are designed to withstand the impact of a steel ball with a diameter of 6 mm and a mass of 0.86 g moving at a speed of 45 m / s. Calculated, this translates into a kinetic energy of 0.87 J.
The optical class of the lenses is determined on the basis of their optical parameters. Eye and face protection is divided into 3 classes. Lenses in optical class 1 are intended for continuous use (so these glasses can also be used as sunglasses or protective glasses for everyday use), while lenses in class 3 – for short-term use.

    What is EN166?

The EN166 standard applies to all types of personal eye protection used to protect against various hazards that may be encountered in industry, laboratories, school buildings, DIY, etc., where eye damage or visual impairment can occur, except for radiation of nuclear origin, X-rays, laser emissions and infrared (IR) radiation emitted by low temperature sources. The specifications of this standard do not apply to eye protection where separate and complete standards exist, such as laser eye protection, sunglasses for general use, etc., provided that these standards refer to this standard. Eye protectors fitted with corrective lenses are not excluded from the scope of application.


The above product is a product of the highest quality and has undergone strength tests appropriate for its resistance class. The manufacturer guarantees resistance to the impact of solid bodies in terms of the resistance class or obtained certificates. Nevertheless, in the event of an insufficient fit of the goods, the use of this protection does not preclude personal injury, for example by a ball falling under the protective glass as a result of a ricochet. Therefore, before use, it is recommended to adjust the eye protection to the individual needs of the user. The protective properties of the product may also change as a result of improper use and maintenance of the above product, e.g. by cleaning the glass with inappropriate preparations.