Nuprol Lipo Battery 11.1v – 1100mah (Stick Type)


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Nuprol Lipo Battery 11.1v – 1100mah (Stick Type)

A High voltage Nuprol Airsoft LiPo Battery designed to give your weapon the highest rate of fire possible, in addition to lasting as long as possible. This way it reduces the amount of time players spend changing batteries on the battlefield.

Nuprol Lipo Battery 11.1v – 1100mah (Stick Type): Short, But Fat

The battery itself is 11.1v, and has 1100mAh. This means it will last two thirds of a day on a semi automatic, and one third of a day on a fully automatic. The battery is short, but fat, and has 8 cm of wiring, making it good for weapons with a large battery space. The batteries can also be used in remote control cars, boats, planes and other toys, as well as in do it yourself electronics projects.

Nuprol Lipo Battery 11.1v – 1100mah (Stick Type) Specifications

  • Cell Type: LiPo
  • Battery voltage is 11.1v
  • Battery capacity of 1100mAh
  • Size: 102 x 21 x 21 mm
  • Weight: 90g

Nuprol Lipo Battery 11.1v – 1100mah Instructions

Please do not let the battery fully discharge before recharging, this will damage the battery, please use a LiPo alarm to check the charge of the battery before use, and stop if the rate of fire drops. To charge the battery you can use the Nuprol Lipo Balance Charger, as overcharging can cause damage to the unit.

Never leave Li-Po charging unattended – Always monitor the charging process of your Li-Po so that you can react immediately to any potential problems. If your batteries start to balloon or swell up discontinue charging / discharging. Before and after the use of your Li-Po batteries, inspect them to ensure there is no physical damage or swelling as those are signs of an imminent failure. 

Only use approved Li-Po chargers. Do not pierce or disassemble the battery. The charging current should not be more than 1.0c as charging at a higher current may damage the cell or even lead to overheating or leakage. Stop charging immediately when temperature is over 45°C, and stop using the battery once the temperature is over 60°C.

We recommend that all LiPo batteries be charged in a fire resistant location, and inside a fireproof bag, such as the Nuprol Lipo Charging Bag.

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