Nuprol Lipo Battery 7.4v – 1450mah Stick Type

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Nuprol Lipo Battery 7.4v – 1450mah Stick Type

Dominate the battlefield with this high powered, reliable battery. The Nuprol Lipo Battery 7.4 – 1450mah is ideal for any AEG rifle that will take LiPo batteries.

Nuprol Lipo Battery 7.4v – 1450mAh Stick Type: Best Performance

These batteries are of the highest quality and are yet another range of exciting new products from Nuprol. This battery has a 1450 MAh capacity allowing it to last for many games before you have to change your battery. It will ensure your rifle performs at the highest level possible helping enhance your airsofting experience. They are very thin and compact while also being very energy efficient, what allows to choose a proper battery pack for practically every Airsoft AEG Gun.

Nuprol Lipo Battery 7.4v – 1450mAh Stick Type Specifications

  • Cell Type: LiPo
  • Battery voltage is 7.4v
  • Battery capacity of 1450mAh
  • Size: 115 x 15 x 16,5 mm
  • Weight: 100g

Nuprol Lipo Battery 7.4v – 1450mAh Stick Type: Instructions And Safety Precautions

When using your LiPo battery ensure that it does not fully discharge, otherwise you may damage or destroy your battery, if you feel that your rate of fire is decreasing then stop using your battery immediately. Battery levels can be checked by plugging a LiPo Alarm into your battery.

Never leave the charging process unattended. Always monitor the charging process of your Lipo so that you can react immediately to any potential problems. If your batteries start to balloon or swell up remove it from charging. Before and after the use of your Li-Po batteries, inspect them to ensure there is no physical damage or swelling as those are signs of an imminent failure. 

Only use approved Lipo chargers. To charge the battery you can use the Duel Code 7.4v/11.1v Lipo Balance Charger. Do not pierce or disassemble the battery. The charging current should not be more than 1.0c as charging at a higher current may damage the cell or even lead to overheating or leakage. Stop charging immediately when temperature is over 45°C, and stop using the battery once the temperature is over 60°C.

We recommend that all LiPo batteries be charged in a fire resistant location, and inside a fireproof bag, such as the Nuprol Lipo Charging Bag.

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