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Loading up Airsoft Magazines is one of the slowest and most painstaking processes in airsoft – you either pour your BB’s into too many magazines, and wind until you’re blue in the face, or you fiddle about with springs and dropping BB’s in. Speed loaders exist purely to make life easier for loading magazines – pour the BB’s into the loader, and release the plunger. Then all you do is place the loader into position, and plunge the BB’s into the mag.

Nuprol XL Speedloader: Very Useful Accessory

This speedloader from Nuprol is a thing of beauty; merging form and function to give you easily the most useful accessory on the airsoft market. These loaders are made out of a high strength polymer, and you can feel the density off it immediately – this is not a cheap chinese-made loader that will break in a month! The spring for the plunger is strong enough to return the plunger to battery each time; in other words, it doesn’t suffer the same fate as the DBoys M4 mag version where you need to manually pull the plunger up.

The loader itself holds 470 rounds, making it perfect for loading multiple magazines on the go – no having to fill a loader every time you load one magazine! Loading it is exactly the same as a hicap mag, just pour your Airsoft BB’s in, and you’re ready to load up.

Specifications Of The Nuprol XL Speedloader

  • Holds up to 470 6mm BB’s
  • Lockable plunger
  • Black transparent Polymer
  • Stiff locking slide
  • 1:1 scale AR magazine shape
  • Fits M4/M16 style magazine pouches and applications

Nuprol XL Speedloader: Amazing Design

The design of the loader is such that when you are in the field, you have everything you need in one package, with little to no fiddling about. The plunger folds away, locking securely whilst simultaneously allowing for single-handed deploying. Similarly the loader features integrated adapters – need to load pistol magazines? Fold out the pistol adapter and away you go! It also features a third adapter for more obscure magazines, ensuring that if you need to load it in a hurry, you can.

To get the longest life out of the loader, we would recommend storing the loader with the plunger spring decompressed in upright position, as this stops the spring from becoming weak under constant compression. 

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