Strataim Epsilon Grenade (Orange)



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Strataim Epsilon Grenade (Orange)

The Strataim Epsilon Grenade Orange fires BB’s in unison out of a port on either side giving it a spinning effect on impact. The grenade spins furiously on the spot and shoots the BB’s along with it. A great addition for your Airsoft Supplies!

Strataim Epsilon Grenade: Huge Capacity

The grenade holds a total of 106 BBs at an impressive 200 fps when the gas is fully charged. This means the 53 BB’s pellets stacked on either side will rush to leave and spray across the room. The Strataim Epsilon Grenade is manufactured in CNC 7075 aluminium, the same which is used in aeronautical engineering and armaments. 

Each Strataim Epsilon Grenade is hand tested and checked for leaks before leaving the factory and is easy & cheap to repair if something does go wrong. The dimensions of the Grenade are 42 mm wide by 82 mm height meaning it can easily fit in small pouches and 40mm grenade pouches. For a solid block of metal, it only weighs 230g! This grenade is perfect for CQB operation (in rooms or corridors for example) but will also work equally well in forest or woodland environments.

Strataim Epsilon Grenade Specifications

  • Capacity of 106 BB’s
  • Shoots up to 200+ FPS
  • Detonates on impact
  • Spinning effect
  • 42 mm by 82 mm
  • Weight: 230g
  • Color: Orange

Strataim Epsilon Grenade: About Strataim

You may not have heard of Stratiam before, but their products have brought new ideas to the market with regards to airsoft grenade systems. We’ve seen the Airsoft innovations Tornado grenade previously and their newer Cyclone impact & XL Burst banger grenades. We have seen the ASG Storm grenade develop since the release of the Strataim line, but for all the gas powered, BB spraying, enemy slaying grenades out there we have found this is the best on the market for size, reliability and durability.

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