Tippmann HPA Rifle CQB V2 Black Tip Semi/ Full Auto
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Tippmann HPA Rifle CQB V2 Black Tip Semi/ Full Auto

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Tippmann HPA Rifle CQB V2 Black Tip Semi/ Full Auto

This Airsoft Rifle has an amazing external build quality with incredible tolerances, which means no creaks or wobbles and a very solid weapon in the shoulder. When you pick up the Tippmann HPA Rifle CQB V2 and shake it around you can’t hear any rattle whatsoever. The outer barrel assembly, receiver and buffer tube are all made from alloy. The alloy brings the replica to a realistic weight and the use of high quality polymers mean that the plastics feel exceptionally close to the real thing.

Tippmann HPA Rifle CQB V2: Powered By CO2 And HPA

The amazing thing about this weapon is it can be powered either by placing a CO2 bulb in a separately sourced magazine, piercing the bulb when the magazine is inserted to give you roughly 60 shots, or powered by a remote air bottle like you would commonly see on the paintball field. The benefit of this is that you have a gas blowback which will be powered all day, and completely unaffected by cooldown so that you have a consistent FPS (feet per second) and RPM (rounds per minute) which is unaffected by the weather. 

The changeover to HPA/CO2 is incredibly easy. This will let you connect the Airsoft HPA bottle to the weapon via a remote line to the pistol grip, a preferred way of running a remote bottle as it keeps your weapon more free to move than alternate systems which may be attached to the stock or elsewhere.

Specifications Of The Tippmann HPA Rifle CQB V2

  • Multiple gas input, CO2 cartridge or remote air line
  • Gas blowback with excellent recoil
  • Breaks down like a real M4 
  • Adjustable rate of fire between 8 to 15 rounds per second
  • Adjustable velocity between 300 and 400fps
  • Adjustable hop up
  • TDC Style HOP
  • No batteries required
  • Fires semi and full auto

Other Features Of The Tippmann HPA Rifle CQB V2

Other features of this weapon are the adjustable fire rate and velocity, which can be adjusted by simply splitting the weapon open and turning the adjustment dials. The rate of fire can be moved between 8 to 15 rounds per second, and velocity can be adjusted between 300 to 400FPS depending on what you want from your M4. 

This, coupled with the 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel for suppressors, and a wide range of AEG parts compatibility make this a seriously competitive model which will put you at the top of your game for a relatively small investment.

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