Tokio Marui Type 89 AEG


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Type 89 rifle was developed by HOWA Machinery for the Ground Self-Defense Force of Japan. In real steel form, this rifle is a select-fire, gas-operated, rotating bolt firearm. The gas action and bolt group is somewhat similar to USA-designed AR-18 rifle, previously manufactured by HOWA under license from Armalite Co (USA).

The 89 from Marui enjoys the latest airsoft technology: a brand new Version 8 gearbox is onboard, which is designed to deliver a realistic shooting experience via its mechanical 3-burst mechanism. The entire gun is solid and very rigid, and comes with a detacheable folding bipod for sniping! Japanese characters denote the semi, 3-burst, and full auto modes on the selector switch. And for a Marui first – this rifle comes with an all metal receiver and barrel, giving the gun superior realism and feel right out of the box! Stick type battery is concealed in the foregrip. The unique mechanical 3-burst mechanism reminds you of its presence when you pull the trigger – you can feel the mechanical switches working away as you pull on the trigger (the slight vibration passes through the trigger slightly onto your index finger).

The color tone is perfect and looks metallic – sufficiently convincing to be steel. Marui has also authentically replicated the mould flaws to give this gun an real steel look!

So why does this rifle seem to have well engineered with superior materials? That’s because the Type 89 was designed to be used by the Japanese military for training purposes!


– Mechanical 3-Round Burst
– One-Piece Aluminium Outer Barrel
– Die-Cast Metal Receiver
– Detachable Bipod – Adjustable sights
– New type magazine follower allows all BBs fired
– Compatible with M4 / M16 Magaiznes ( Type 89 Magazines do NOT fit M4 / M16 Series )
– Spare Battery Compartment in solid stock
– 14mm Anti-Clockwise Threaded Outer Barrel allows mounting of accessories