Tokyo Marui L96 OD Green


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This spring bolt-action on the L96 AWS from Tokyo Marui is exceedingly smooth and easy to use. Unlike other sniper rifles where you have to use a tiny allen (hex) key to adjust your hop-up, the Tokyo Marui uses a very stable and consistent dial system. Situated on the underside of the hand guard in a very accessible location. 

Tokyo Marui L96 OD Green: Finished Superbly

The body has been finished superbly leaving little to no space along the seam lines, whilst the color coating had been applied on perfectly. The barrel is capable of receiving a 14mm CW adapter (Not Included), for the attachment of silencers or other muzzle accessories. An adapter to attach a bipod has also been included.

The L96 is equipped with a sling swivel. It is also possible to comfortably set up the stock cheek and length for better aiming. It also contains a metal magazine with 40 rounds. On the weapon a bipod with a special type of Ball Joint can be fitted, this is supplied as standard. The weapon is equipped with an adjustable Hop-Up system, which is easily accessible on the underside of the handguard.

Features Of The Tokyo Marui L96 OD Green

  • Spring Bolt-Action
  • Smooth And Easy
  • Consistent Dial System
  • Sling Swivel
  • 40 Round Magazine
  • Adjustable Hop-Up

Tokyo Marui L96 OD Green: More About Tokyo Marui

Tokyo Marui has built an empire on producing some of the highest performance replica Airsoft Guns on the market. They’re also credited with setting standards for parts compatibility between many different manufacturers by setting strict manufacturing tolerances and specifications for other brands to use. 

Japanese made Tokyo Marui products are typically all high quality polymer construction. They had its own center for airsoft sports called Tokyo Marui BB Sports Field which was operated during 2009 and 2010. Their guns have appeared in numerous movies and games.

It is safe to say that Tokyo Marui produces excellent weapons and we here at Bunker 501 are proud to provide them for you!

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