Tokyo Marui Type 89-F AEG


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The Type 89 rifle was developed by HOWA Machinery for the Ground Self-Defense Force of Japan. In real steel form, this rifle is a select-fire, gas-operated, rotating bolt firearm. The gas action and bolt group is somewhat similar to USA-designed AR-18 rifle, previously manufactured by HOWA under license from Armalite Co (USA).

The standard issue Type 89 came with a fixed stock, although a number of folding stock version were made for AFV crews and Paratroopers – it was known as the Type 89-F.

This Tokyo Marui AEG of the 89-F is an authentic one, following closely to the real steel, while keeping the excellent features of their fixed stock Type 89 AEG. It features the Version 8 gearbox, delivering a realistic shooting experience with it’s mechanical 3-burst mechanism. The body and barrel are made of metal, making this feel nice to the touch. Comes with the detachable bipod.