Xcortech BB X3300W Control System – Black
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Xcortech BB X3300W Control System – Black

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Creators of the most popular chronographs in the consumer range have created a new all-in-one device, whose equivalent is hard to find among the competition. New chronographs from Xcortech is a combination of a mock suppressor / BB illuminator with an integrated chronometer and computer-controlled counter of fired BBs with a rate of fire meter. Sensors can count or sum and display the result on an LCD display in order to inform the user about estimated amount of BBs remaining in the magazine. MOSFET on the other hand, aside from full burst control – can also control the battery voltage and wirelessly send the result to PEQ box, which will display it on an LCD display and in case of low voltage will notify the user.

All the information from the suppressor unit are transmitted wirelessly directly into the AN/PEQ box. The set is programmable and displays information via the AN/PEQ box. Counting results are zeroed using the brightness knob, one needs only to slightly press it.

The set allows for accurate measurements at any moment, even in the field.

In general, the set has following features:

– Suppressor mounted on a standard, 14 mm, left-handed thread
– Durable aluminium suppressor
– Very efficient and energy-saving device
– Digital display with brightness control
– Energy-saving and automatic display modes
– Measures muzzle velocity (FPS)
– Measures rate of fire (per minute)
– BB counter displays results by counting down or summing up fired BBs
– Notifies about low ammunition
– Allows for constant monitoring of battery level
– Notifies about low battery level
– Programmable burst (2-10 shots)
– Standard RIS 22 mm / Picatinny / Weaver mount
– Wireless communication

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