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Bunker 501 Showroom


About Bunker 501

Located in Oldenzaal, The Netherlands is our wonderful showroom spanning over 300m2! Besides the showroom we also house a testing range and a sniper range. With customers all over the world, Bunker501 is the go-to for all your Airsoft needs! It all began with a simple mission: get the best Airsoft products in one convenient place. The rest is history.

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Showroom opening hours

  • Opening hours Showroom and Customer Support

The showroom

Do you wanna see our products in real life? Come to the Bunker501 showroom! We’ve got 300m2 full of Airsoft guns, gear, internals, supplies and accessories. 

It’s possible to order everything online, but we’d like to introduce you to our showroom! Sometimes you just want to see the product in real life, right? See how it feels, looks, and works. Those things can be hard to see based solely on a picture. Next to replica’s, we’ve also got handy supplies. For example, if you’re looking for targets: we’ve got them! The most annoying thing is running out of ammo, so why not get some from our shop while you’re there?

Our shooting range

Not only can you view the replicas in real life, but you can test them too! Our shooting range is designed specifically for testing out new replica’s. Our staff will help you and make sure everything goes smoothly. Shoot at targets and test out your possible new replica before buying it. Don’t forget to wear your safety goggles!

The workshop

Next to our showroom, we also have a workshop! The workshop is a place where we replace, repair, downgrade, or upgrade Airsoft replicas. Our staff is always ready to help you fix your replica or to answer any questions you might have! Does your Rifle need a repair? Or do you want a new motor? Make an appointment here.

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